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Tamanna the pretty faced angel of south Indian film industry is all set to pass on her free time by browsing the internet. This smoking hot beauty has procured an apple Macbook lap top from her brother as a gift in November 2008. From then on, after fetching some reviews from her near and dear ones, she is planning to get close to her fans and wants to look out her film career fro their point of view.

For this reason the gorgeous looking starlet has opted out for a high speed internet from a noted wireless telecom operator and will be surfing the internet during her free time. Adding to this, hot babe has decided to catch the latest news and gossips about her. Recently, after seeing a gossip that she was in love with actor Siddharth of Boys fame she commented that it is her private life and so does not want reveal those details. But she revealed that presently she is a good friend of him and nothing more than that.