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Mr. Perfectionist – that's how the entire town pronounces Aamir Khan. Nothing fallible slips out of his sight and his mantra 'Discipline et Ne plus ultra' has been peaking him to greater heights. 'Nay – that shouldn't hit others arduously' says one of the sources in town.

Aamir Khan's Ghajini girl Asin seems to be so distressed after certain extent. South Indian actress headed all the way to Bollywood with her debut flick 'Ghajini' that's still under filming. It's been 2 years so far and Aamir Khan has imposed some restrictions that stop her from moving ahead.

The actor had instructed Asin not to present her portfolios to any producers (this happened as she signed up for Vipul Shah's London Dreams). Actress in turn had replied that despites meeting leading producers in the town, she is unable to showcase her portfolios.

Nevertheless, Aamir Khan just smiled uttering his words; these pedagogies are to be followed till December 25 as the film Ghajini hits screens on that occasion. Also she is not supposed to speak about this film to any of the media channels and the same instruction has been applied on other actress Jiah Khan too…