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Remember the actress called Amoha in Jay Jay movie opposite Madhavan? Yes she is Ram Gopal Varma’s former muse Nisha Kothari and she was seen in a lot of glamorous roles in Hindi, including movies like ‘Sarkar James’ and ‘RGV ki Aag’.

The latest news is that Malavika’s role has been handed over to Nisha Kothari, after the actress walked out of the sets of ‘Karthikai’ last month. A few days back, Malavika had alleged that the producer of the film had tried to get fresh with her, after she refused to do a scene on a swing due to her pregnancy.

Malavika, who is currently expecting her first child, had been roped in to do the shrew’s role of ‘Indrani’ in the movie in which Vikramadithya and Samiksha play the lead. The movie is produced by Anjaneyulu and directed by Veera.