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1. Pirivoam Sandhipoam: Directed by Karu Palaniappan, the film deals with the bonding of a woman with the new relations she finds after marriage life. She gets more and more attached to them and it’s a topsy-turvy situation when she along with her husband has to move for a different place. Cheran and Sneha on the lead roles have done a wonderful job and Jayaraman does a cool job…

2. Pidichirukku: A low budget movie making good results among the audiences who liked this movie. The film has a simple storyline of romance genre but that’s quite entertaining.

3. Pazhani: Bharath comes up with a different action role and credits goes to Perarasu for depicting him differently. Kajol Agarwal doesn’t make up to the expectations while Kushboo wins the laurels. The film has all entertaining factors and this would be a movie to kill your time.

4. Bheema: Vikram starrer Bheema has been of great expectations right from the beginning movie was launched before couple of years. The film brings us with new dimension of action stunts and spine chilling climax. Two best reasons why you should watch this movie is the excellent performances of Vikram and Prakash Raj along with good direction by Lingusamy. On the other hand, we have two reason why you shouldn’t watch it, the story and more violence….

5. Kaalai: Tarun Gopi had raised great expectations with the success of his previous flick Thimiru, but its disappointing when you watch the movie. Simbhu tries to make good presentation and succeeds in it. The film could have fetched good credits if it had been shaped with better handling of script and powerful screenplay.

6. Vaazthugal: Despites sharing same backgrounds of family set-ups as that of Pirivoam Sandipoam, Vaazthugal fails to top the chart with dragging screenplay. Madhavan should now stop coming up chocolate-boy roles and opt for some unique roles as he had done in Evano Oruvan. Seeman does a good job in direction, but few dialogues were excellent and that others were annoying….